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From actual people. The ones I served, the ones I cared about and CARE about. Their words, their feelings, and their thoughts are some of the most VALUED opinions to me (and should be to you too!)


( also, if you are a former couple of mine, and want to send me your thoughts, I gladly welcome them on Facebook, Google, Weddings Online, or through an email. Thank you! )

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Billy & Blythe

While in Ireland on vacation for a family reunion, my fiancee and I had the crazy/fun idea to host our wedding in Tipperary! With less than two weeks to plan, we must have had a lot of angels on our side, because not only did we pull it off, we found Aoife! The photographer of our dreams! She accommodated our last minute request (thank god!) and found a way to capture everything we loved about our wedding- the intimate setting, emphasis on family/familial details, and our Irish roots. She was extremely professional (knew what shots she wanted and how best to organize them) but also down-to-earth, and exceptionally kind and good-humored, offering to get us drinks while we were getting ready, and allowing us to take our time. She made the process of taking photographs fun and easy. She was a great director, (staging some photos that we never would have thought of that are now our favorites!), but also open to our ideas and wishes. And, last, but certainly not least, the photographs she gave us are STUNNING. They are classic and magical and made our wedding look as dreamlike as it felt. We have been told by multiple couples how lucky we were to have found a photographer of her caliber at the last minute, and we couldn't agree more. If you have a chance to work with Aoife, you won't be disappointed. She's a miracle. Thank you, Aoife!!!


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